Info for Spectators

Information on the July 2016 Sheep Dog Trial

The July 2016 trial will again be held at the The Weaver Family farm near Vandalia/St Peter, IL.  Here is the map with the GPS coordinates for the driveway entrance to the farm:

38°53’19.2"N 88°59’15.7"W
38.888662, -88.987704

Here is the closest address to the farm: 1460 N. 1050th Avenue, Vandalia, IL. (it’s just down the road…the Weaver farm does not yet have an address…other than a PO Box).

Free admission

Runs start each day at 7:30am

Description and requirements of classes:

Novice class is for novice dogs and novice handlers.  No handler that has ever competed in the Open class can enter Novice and the dog cannot have run in any class with a drive. The course consists of a shortened outrun, lift, fetch, wear, then pen.

Ranch class cannot have any Open handler or a dog that has competed in a cross-drive class. The course is shortened outrun (a bit farther than Novice), lift, fetch, 1 part of drive through some panels and then pen.

Pro-Novice is open to all handlers.This course has shortened outrun (a bit farther than Ranch), lift, fetch, drive, cross-drive & pen.

Open class is a sanctioned class through the USBCHA. It is open to all handlers. This class has the longest outrun then has lift, fetch and drive, cross-drive, pen and shed.

Nursery class is also a sanctioned class through the USBCHA and is open to dogs if its third birthday falls on or after July 1 of the year in which the Nursery Final is held. Imported dogs are eligible only if imported before they reach one (1) year of age. The course is the same as the Open class but does not include a shed. We will not be running the Nursery class at this trial.

If you are looking for a particular handler, checkout the Info for Handlers/Running Order page. The running order for each class of the trial is posted there.

Please bring a lawn chair for yourself and protection from inclement weather as the event is held rain or shine.  Many of the dogs participating in the trial are working farm dogs and may or may not enjoy meeting your dog.  Please be respectful of handlers and their canine team member and ask permission before approaching them. 

There will be concessions available for purchase. Provided by the local Mennonite community.

Most everyone is happy to explain what is going on out on the field, so please ask questions.  We are always happy to talk about our dogs 🙂 We look forward to seeing you there.

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