Info for Handlers

July 2016 Details:

Friday & Saturday: July 15 & 16

Our trial is full with wait lists for most classes.  We had to do a draw to accept entries.  Check the link below for the running order.


Click Here for the running orders.

Trial Location:
The Weaver Family farm near Vandalia/St Peter, IL
Here is the map with the GPS coordinates for the driveway entrance to the farm:

38°53’19.2"N 88°59’15.7"W
38.888662, -88.987704

Here is the closest address to the farm: 1460 N. 1050th Avenue, Vandalia, IL. Click Hereto download detailed driving directions.

Judge: Gordon Watt
: $45 per dog/per round. (course: apx 350 yd outrun)

Pro-Novice/Nursery Combined Class:

  • Pro-Novice only $35 per round/per dog.
  • Nursery only $30 per round/per dog.
  • PN+Nursery Combo $40 per round/per dog. Nursery dogs entered as Combo are eligible for both Nursery and Pro-Novice placements. (course apx 250 yd outrun, full drive)

Ranch: $30 per dog/per round. (course: apx 150 yd outrun, one leg drive). Dogs entered as "Compete" may not have previously competed in any class with a full cross drive with any handler.  Dogs running in a sanctioned class cannot enter (either compete or non-compete) in the Ranch class.   Open handlers CAN enter a dog as non-compete in Ranch as long as that dog is not also entered in a sanctioned class. 

Novice: $25 per dog/per round. (course: apx 125 yd outrun, wear, pen) (no open handlers, dogs who have never competed in any ‘driving’ class)

NOTE: we will NOT be offering any runs on Sunday. This is a Friday/Saturday only trial.

Volunteers – we will be asking for volunteers to help run the trial.  We do rely on our members but need help from everyone to ensure the trial runs smoothly and in a timely fashion. We ask that handlers watch the running order and be prepared for their turn at the post.  We will have an "on deck" holding area for you and your dog so it will be easy for everyone to see where we are in the running order. Please make use of this holding area.

Camping/RV information: There will be camping on the site of the trial. There are no hook-ups at this rural farm setting.

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