August 2014 Results

Thank you to all who helped at the trial. A special thanks to Jim Jones for all his hard work and the Weaver Family for hosting us. Thanks to Debbie George, Joyce Norris, Robin Reasoner, Kathy Kawalec and Lyle East for setting the sheep.  Thanks to Lori Perry for judging the runs fairly.  Thanks for all the scribes and other helpers.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to Board Members Kathy Kawalec, Tresa Laferty and Laura Tomaszewski for all their hard work.  Additional thanks also to Board Members Catherine Price, Lisa Williams and Linda Johnson for the behind the scenes work.

lolbca Open results august 2014

LOLBCA ProNovice Results August 2014

lolbca Ranch results august 2014

LOLBCA 2014 Novice

High Combined for Open, Kathy Kawalec & Maya

High Combined for Pro-Novice, Allen Hickenbottom & Rose

High Combined for Ranch, Laura Tomaszewski & Jake

High Combined for Novice, Nancy Lindsay & Hope


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