Weaver Family Farm

The Weaver Family farm is a working sheep farm in Southern Illinois. This peaceful Mennonite farm and community is the home of over 200 Katadhin sheep and the 2015 LOLBCA USBCHA sacntioned July trial.

This beautiful rural farm is located off the main road and the trial fiend will be accessed via gravel farm road leading to the back field.  There will be camp spots available on the site of the farm. There are lovely trees and a pond near the camping area.

The Weaver Family farm is near Vandalia/St Peter, IL
Here is the map with the GPS coordinates for the driveway entrance to the farm: 

38°53’19.2"N 88°59’15.7"W
38.888662, -88.987704

Here is the closest address to the farm: 1460 N. 1050th Avenue, Vandalia, IL. (it’s just down the road…the Weaver farm does not yet have an address…other than a PO Box). Below is a rough layout of the farm.LOLBA August trial field




 Here are some pictures of the trial field at the Weaver Family Farm.





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